About Us

SultanXpress offers a casual, yet refined experience through a meticulous fusion of flavorful food, fast pace, and friendly service. We offer a variety of Persian / Middle Eastern dishes to suit each of our guests. Our goal is to provide a delicious variety of freshly made halal and authentic Persian / Middle Eastern cuisine combined with impeccable service.

With recipes dating back centuries, Our food is extremely aromatic and flavorful, yet subtle, with low calories, using healthy ingredients Every dish is prepared with care and finest ingredients. The meats, grains, herbs, vegetables, and spices in our dishes combine to create a low-calorie and healthier choice.

Our menu includes a variety of dishes, from slow-cooked dishes like the lamb shanks and ghorme sabzi to wraps that take minutes and a variety of kebobs.

Whether you are entertaining business clients or celebrating a special occasion big or small, we provide an exclusive cantering service allowing guests to customize the menu how it suits them best and offer many more authentic dishes which are not on the main menu.
visit us to enjoy the best kabobs in Mississauga!